PDF Expert vs PDFelement: Best Tool for Mac in 2020?

PDF Editors are crucial software programs that help a user to create, edit, replace, and do other things to a PDF file. A person who deals with PDFs very often knows the true worth of a PDF editor. If you are a Mac user then PDFElement and PDF Expert are the two best PDF Editors for you. Read this PDF Expert vs PDFelement comparison to pick the best.

It is undoubtedly a confusing job to choose a reliable & trustworthy PDF editor from an enormous market place. There are so many editors available with different features & price ranges, which makes it difficult for a regular user to choose one. I will be sharing an in-depth overview of both the respected software programs and help you choose better. Let us not waste anymore of our time and move further the main subject— PDF Expert VS PDFElement. 

PDF Expert vs PDFElement Comparison

Both PDF Expert & Wondershare PDFElement are perfect in their own ways & aspects. If you are not sure which one to go for, then read this script thoroughly. 

PDFelement is a potential PDF editor compatible with almost all the operating systems & devices. Contrary to that, PDF Expert is only available for iOS devices & Mac. 

Let us have a closer look at the offering of both the PDF Editors.

Features of PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a software program that aims to edit, change, create, and do other things within one file format— PDF. The main motive of PDF Expert is to provide the user with ease of editing the PDF files. Besides, it features an astounding interface that delivers convenience to the users and helps them operate the program without any hassle.

PDF Expert belongs to the freemium segment of the program and offers free as well as paid services. The basic version only allows you to view files, and you are required to upgrade to access premium features. 

I have mentioned some of the features offered by PDF Expert Premium that will help you understand it better.

Interface: PDF Expert provides users with a comprehensive & simple interface which is operable to everyone. PDF Expert’s interface is more accessible as compared to PDFElement. 

Converter: A user can easily convert other file formats to PDF by using PDF Expert. 

Accessible: PDF Expert enables the user to favorite group tools in one place. It makes the most used tools accessible to users without much hassle.

Performance: PDF Expert offers excellent UI & UX that enhances the user experience by delivering speed and reducing crashes.

Size Reduction: PDF Expert provides a fantastic feature that allows the users to reduce the file size without any reduction in quality. 

Apart from these many features, some other functions bring ease to the user’s experience. Highlighting text is one of my favorite & most used services offered by PDF Expert. 

The only drawback of PDF Expert is that it is not available for all major platforms. So if you are a Windows OR Android user, then PDF Expert is sadly not the one for you. Besides, it is an outstanding software program to create, interpret & edit PDF files on iOS & macOS devices.

Features of Wondershare PDFElement

Unlike PDF Expert, PDFElement does not belong to the freemium segment of the software programs. It just offers a free trial to help the users decide on the basis of their experience.

We cannot deny the fact that PDFElement is pleased by many companies that make it a trustworthy option. Also, PDFElement is available for Windows, Mac, iOS & even for Android OS. The features of PDFElement are almost similar to what is offered by PDF Expert. 

As mentioned earlier, the interface of PDFElement is not as straightforward as offered by PDFExpert. Due to so many features pushed in one single software program slows it down and sometimes crashes the whole program. 

Pervasive: PDFElement is compatible with almost all the major devices & operating systems. It is officially available for iOS, macOS, Windows & Android.

Customer Support: PDFElement provides users with responsive customer support that serves them by resolving all types of errors or issues regarding the software.

Password Encryption: PDFElement also offers users with password encryption that secures all the files.

Batch Conversion: The most appealing function of PDFElement is batch conversion. It converts multiple files all together at once. The process is comparatively slow to the tool offered by PDFExpert. 

It is not possible to cover every feature of PDFElement, and therefore, I have mentioned the most relevant ones. 

The features of PDF Expert & PDFElement are similar, and therefore, we subject PDF Expert as a better option as it offers better speed & performance. 

PDF Expert vs PDFElement Pricing Comparison

Contrary to PDFElement, PDF Expert belongs to the freemium segment of the software programs. 

PDF Expert offers a basic version that offers limited features for absolutely free of charge. Whereas PDFElement does not offer any basic (free) plan, but you can opt for the free trial. 

Let us have a closure look at the pricing of each of the software programs.

Pricing Terms of PDF Expert

PDF Expert is popular for providing all the premium features at an affordable price. It is currently the best PDF editor for Mac that offers so much at a budget price. 

Some editors cost $100-200/year, and comparing to those editors; PDF Expert is undoubtedly a fantastic option to go for. You can subscribe to PDF Expert at an economical price value of $79.99/year.

I have studied the market carefully, and PDF Expert is certainly the best option in all aspects. 

Pricing Terms of PDFElement

PDFElement two plans for subjecting the price of their service. It features a standard plan that costs about $60/year and the other premium plan that costs $99.95/year.

The standard plan lacks some features like data extraction & batch conversion. If you do not require these features, then a standard plan is enough for you (costs $60/year.) 

The Winner?

I have projected all the factual information about software programs. It is not that simple to subject a software better than any other software program. PDFElement has features that might be useful to some professional users, but it lacks performance speed. 

PDF Expert is available at an economical price and with all the necessary features. But PDF Expert is only compatible with iOS & macOS devices, which is a significant drawback. If you are a Mac or iOS user, then PDFExpert is undoubtedly the best option for you. 

Final Words: Your Pick Now?

I have mentioned everything about both software programs. I recommend you to rely on your requirements and then choose those that satisfy your requirements. PDF Expert works for most of the people, but some professionals prefer PDFElement.

I hope that this piece of information helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding the PDF Expert VS PDFElement. If you have any suggestions or doubts, then comment below, and we’ll absolutely take that into account. Also, share this useful information with your mates and help them choose better.

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