PDF Expert for Mac Review: Should You Buy it in 2020?

PDF is the most popular file format that is used to send/receive electronic documents. There are thousands of software that let you open & view a PDF file, but very few of them allow you to edit the file. In this article, I am going to drop a comprehensive & unbiased PDF expert review to influence your purchase in the right direction. We have tested around 8 potential PDF editors, and amongst that software, PDF Expert came out to be the best PDF editor for Mac. If you are not aware of the features or other relevant things about PDF Expert, then here is the complete Review of PDF Expert for Mac. Find out whether you should Buy PDF Expert Editor for your Macbook or not.

PDF Expert 7 is the latest version of the software that now belongs to the freemium segment. It offers some astounding features for absolutely free, but to access premium features, you will need to subscribe to the PDF Expert 7 pro version. PDF Expert has ruled the PDF editor sector by scoring 10/10 on some serious aspects like accessibility, speed, features, and value. Let us now move further to the main subject and explore more about the PDF expert review.

PDF Expert for Mac Review

PDF Expert is an all-pervasive PDF editor that offers astounding features & user-friendly interface. It aims to enhance your experience while creating, viewing, editing, and interpreting PDF files on it. If you are struggling for a reliable and complete PDF editor for macOS, then PDF Expert is certainly the perfect option for you. 

Features of PDF Expert

As mentioned earlier, the primary feature of PDF experts is to edit PDF files, but apart from that, it offers some fantastic functions. PDF Expert offers a free version that only allows you to view PDF files. So if you want something more than viewing a PDF file, then you must upgrade to Pro (paid) version. The Pro version provides you with more features, and these functions altogether deliver a premium & comfort editing experience to the user. 

Let us have a look at some features offered by PDF Expert:

  1. PDF Expert Pro offers a user-friendly & straightforward interface that enhances the user experience.
  2. Unlike the basic version, the PDF Expert Pro allows you to convert other files (Word, Excel, etc.) to PDF format. 
  3. It allows the user to group favorite or most used tools in a group and provides ease in operations.
  4. The best thing about PDF Expert Pro is that it allows you to reduce the PDF file that is surely a useful feature.
  5. PDF Expert is an all-pervasive software that is available for all iOS devices.

These functions bring ease to all your PDF operations, and that is why PDF Expert Pro is worth purchasing.

Why Upgrade to PDP Expert Pro for your Macbook?

I have already mentioned that PDF Expert (free) lacks many features, but some of the people are still wondering  about the whys of upgrading to Pro. Unlike the Pro version, the basic PDF Expert restricts from converting files, reducing the size, and many other premium features. The free version is perfect for the person whose main concern is viewing PDF files. If you want to do more than viewing a PDF file, then you should definitely subscribe to the Pro version of PDF Expert for Mac.

Pros Of PDF Expert

  • All-Pervasive: PDF Expert is available for all the iOS devices and smoothly works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.
  • Speed: Unlike most of the PDF Editors, PDF Expert 7 does not lag or crashes. It quickly opens files no matter how big the loaded document is.
  • Ability to Convert: Using PDF Expert 7 Pro, you can convert any file type to PDF format. You can convert JPEG, Word docs, Excel, and other major file types to PDF format.
  • Reduce Size: A user can reduce the size of a particular PDF file without any technical hassle. Keep in mind that reducing the size of the document will result in bad quality.
  • Highlight/Mark: You can highlight crucial words or phrases and make it easy for the reader to take notes.
  • Group Tool: PDF Expert 7 Pro automatically groups the most used tools and brings ease in operating the software.

PDF Expert Customer Reviews

I believe no matter how comprehensive & relevant the review report is, direct reviews are crucial to complete it. Below are some direct & genuine reviews from PDF Expert users.

Shawn says, “The most enchanting feature for me is to be able to edit text on a PDF file. For that (and other simple edits), I do not want a third-party software that is huge in size, like the other ones. PDF Expert is just 65 MB in size and is very elegant. Certainly, PDF Expert 7 is the best PDF editor for Mac.”

Lauren says, “Converting was a serious pain for me, and third-party applications ruin the experience. But with PDF Expert 7 Pro, everything is perfect. I hope it offers a “Save As” feature in the next update— so that we can directly save JPED & other formats from once software.

So these were some direct reviews of PDF Expert that might help you understand the software better.

How Much Does PDF Expert for Mac Costs?

PDF Expert offers almost all the features provided by any other premium PDF editor. But in terms of pricing, PDF Expert beats all the rivals. Not defaming, but Adobe Acrobat Pro DC costs about $180/year, whereas you can get PDF Expert at a value price of $50/year. Considering all the aspects & features offered by PDF Expert Pro, I can undoubtedly subject PDF Expert as a value for a money PDF editor. 

If you are searching for a reliable & budget PDF editor for Mac, then PDF Expert is surely the best PDF editor for you.


We all investigate before purchasing anything and, therefore, to save you all from digging and comparing potential options. PDF editor is a crucial requirement for the people who deal with PDF file formats a lot. Today, I have shared an absolute & unbiased PDF Expert review for you to influence towards a profitable purchase. If you are looking for a reliable & premium PDF Expert at a budget value price, then PDF Expert will cease your search. 

I believe that this Review helped & satisfied all your concerns regarding PDF Expert for Mac. We have mentioned almost everything you should know before making a purchase. If you have any issues or doubts relevant to the topic, then comment below, and I will respond to it with a positive response. Also, share this piece of useful information that covers everything about PDF Expert with your mates.

Which is your favorite feature of PDF Expert 7 Pro? Share your experience and influence, other readers.

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